Our top 5 Valentine’s Card photo ideas

This year, give a card that only you could create – a card worth keeping.

Valentine's Day card

Our phones, computers and old photo albums are full of photos that mean the world. Which will you choose?

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1. Your happiest moment

Your wedding day? A particular moment on holiday? That silly photo you took in the kitchen last week? Whatever jumps to mind, it will make your card special.

Valentine's card

2. When you were young(er)

There’s something uniquely wonderful about old photos. Remind him or her about a happy moment with your card photo. Tip: no need for a scanner – just take a photo of the photo!

An old photo :)

3. Favourite photo of you both

When you send a photo as a glossy postcard, people keep them. Which photo would they really love to have?

Favourite photo :)

4. The best selfie!

Somehow, selfies seem to make the best portraits. And let’s be honest, you’ve got plenty of romantic or funny ones to choose from!

Best selfie!

5. Include everyone

Which friends or family would also love a postcard? Whether they love or hate Valentine’s day, a postcard will make them smile.

Include everyone!

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