Meet our Christmas Card senders!

Last year, thousands of you sent personalised Christmas greeting cards with Touchnote, all over the world!

We got in touch with 5 of these card-senders to find out why they love sending Christmas cards with Touchnote, and what makes Touchnote cards extra special 🙂


“What I enjoyed most about using Touchnote to send my Christmas cards was that the app is really simple to use. The cards are sent quickly and are really good quality.

“I’ve just had my first child and a lot of my family live quite far away. Touchnote has allowed me to send them beautiful cards with pictures of my son on, and to keep them updated on their grandson. They absolutely love the cards.



“I really enjoy using Touchnote, it’s so quick and easy. I mainly used it for sending postcards, but when I found out you could make greeting cards, I decided to make our own Christmas cards. Selecting the design and adding your own photos and messages makes sending a Christmas card so much more personal.

“I had a new baby last year, so trying to get cards written was hard, let alone get then posted. Touchnote could do it all. I was actually able to make and send my cards while sat feeding.

“Once all your addresses are uploaded, sending the cards is really easy. The multi-send function was great, meaning you can send your card, personalised to as many recipients as you choose, all at the touch of a button. They were delivered very quickly, even the cards that were sent overseas. Soon we had lots of lovely comments from our family and friends. I still see some of our cards on display when visiting friends, either stuck on fridge doors or on the window sill with other pictures.”



“Touchnote connects me to my family at Christmas time, whether they are in Australia, Japan or in the UK. I find the process simple to use and it saves me time by avoiding the lengthy Christmas queues at the Post Office.

“Each Christmas I use the opportunity to update family members on how my kids have grown. With the photos printed directly onto thick card, it means they live beyond the Christmas period and stay on the mantlepiece well into the new year.”



“We’re in love with Touchnote! The customization makes it both personalized and sentimental. People just love to see photos of the family, and it makes them smile. Touchnote cards give a meaningful touch that stock cards just do not give.

“The way it works is amazing, you can send one card to as many people as you need and it saves so much time! Now that I added my Christmas card list, my addresses are all right there, ready for me to choose and send. It’s easy to update addresses and I can put a little surprise in someone’s mailbox at the touch of a button.

“My friends and family were really impressed, and love these cards more than any other card I could ever buy them.”



“When using Touchnote I found the app easy and simple to use. It was great as I was able to personalise with my own message on both the front and inside the card. The templates were also good because I could make each card that little bit different.

“Using Touchnote was easier than going to the shops to buy a card. As it was my daughter’s 1st Christmas I wanted something personal and unique – Touchnote was the only way I could do this without leaving my front door, no worry of going to buy stamps and walk to the post box. And when you have a baby that can be a mission!

“Everyone I sent the cards to absolutely loved them. They told me they’re a real keepsake, something really personal. My Nan still has hers on her mantelpiece :-)”


A big thank you to the lovely card senders who let us share their stories with you!

Take a look at our new range of Christmas greeting card templates and illustrations in the new app and on our website, and see for yourself how Touchnote can make card-sending easy for you this Christmas.


7 thoughts on “Meet our Christmas Card senders!

  1. I like the fact that you keep all my addresses on file. The hardest part for me is taking the right picture! Once that is uploaded, my cards are on their way in about five mintes!

    1. Delighted you enjoy using our service and that you find it nice and easy. I hope you found the right photo in the end 🙂 Merry Christmas from us all at Touchnote!

  2. I’d rather use postcards, not classic folding cards. Am I missing somewhere that has Christmas design/outline postcards? I wanted to use 3-4 pictures on each with a holiday background or outline. Is this possible? Thank you. I’ve loved TouchNotes over the years and want to continue the holiday theme.

    1. Hi! And thank you for At Christmas, I’m afraid we only offer festive design options on our folded greeting cards, not our postcards. However, after Christmas we will have the special illustrations available on postcard collages, for Happy New Year and for thank you cards. I hope this helps, and thank you for being a long term Touchnote customer!

    2. I STILL liked using the postcards with pictures to update people who have meant a lot to me over the years. I don’t want to miss the chance to let them know the positive influences they have had on my life before it is too late. Sending pictures of the next generation has been a wonderful way to do this.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t overlooked something. Now that mom has passed away, I’m making sure to send cards with pictures to the last of her friends I knew best who is still able to live at home with help at age 93! She had one of the best marriages I’d ever seen and has truly modeled what it means to live a Christian life. She had the most children of all the friends but my mom–with only 2 girls–has the most grandchildren. I have my 8th in 7.5 yrs on the way and know this loving woman will enjoy the picture updates. Thank you for this way of reminding us to keep in touch with those who will be gone all too fast. I’d hate to have missed the chance to have let her know she was greatly loved to her own ears and eyes and not via the family members when it’s too late.
    Debbie Nickels Heck, MD
    IN, USA

  4. it is very rare for us, my Son and Daughter and their families to all get together. My daughter had sent me a touch note thank you for Christmas and I thought it was a lovely idea so decided to do the same. I googled your site and found it very easy to do. I sent one to them both to thank them for such an enjoyable Boxing day.

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