Our new website is here!

Our new and improved website has arrived! We’ve had a makeover and made sending personalised cards easier and speedier than ever.

Plus, we’ve brought along everyone’s favourite feature from the Touchnote app: you can now create collage cards with more than one photo, or combine your snaps with our illustrations to create your perfect card.

If you’re on your computer you can send a card from the new website now, or read on to preview our new look!

Get creative with collages

Tell a story with up to 6 photos. Add a caption or one of our illustrations to your card to create a personalised treat for any occasion.


Send all your cards in a flash

It’s quicker and easier than ever to create and send your cards. Just choose your photo, add a message and address and pow! You’re done!


Save it for later

Not ready to send that card just yet? No problem. Any card that you start but don’t send will automatically be saved to your drafts for you to continue later.


All your addresses in one place

Add, edit, and search through your addresses. Being organised has never been so fast!


New order history

Take a look at your account page to continue or delete your saved drafts, and see a history of all the cards you’ve ordered from both the website and the app – it’s magic!


Polished up homepage

It’s not just card-sending that’s been improved, the rest of our website has also had a makeover! Have a look around and tell us what you think


Explore the new touchnote.com now or click to send a card.

21 thoughts on “Our new website is here!

    1. Hi Tessa, this article is about changes we’ve made to our website, http://www.touchnote.com! So you don’t need to download anything to take advantage of the new features. I see from our records that you have been using our iPad app which has all of the features of our website (like collage cards) plus many more like emojis and customisable stamps 🙂 If you’d like some help getting the most out of your iPad app, our 24 hour support team would be more than happy to help you, you can email them at help@touchnote.com. Happy card sending! – Conni

    1. Hi there, I’m afraid there is no option to change font size. However, the more you type, the font will shrink to fit onto the card! Hope this helps, if you have any further questions we’re available 24/7 at help@touchnote.com – Conni

  1. I have just received your email and checked on my touchnote app with a view to sending a new collagé card to find that it hasn’t been updated. Can you sort this out for me?

    1. Hi Jo. The email was about our new website, sorry for the confusion! If you’d like to send a collage postcard from your app, tap ‘Start a postcard’, add your photo and then tap ‘Change layout.’ I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please drop us an email at help@touchnote.com – our support team are available to help you 24/7 – Conni

  2. I don’t find the six images postcard design on the app, but except this I like the new version, it’s a very good idea this new design.

    1. Hi Michel, I’m afraid that the 6-image layout for postcards is not currently available in the Android app. It is however available through our website, as described above. If you have any other feedback, suggestions or queries, we’re available 24/7 at help@touchnote.com – Conni

  3. I love the collage style postcard on the app and the customised stamps. Presumably a collage style greetings card can only be done on the website?

    1. Hiya Heather 🙂 You can send collage greeting cards from the app, too! Just start a greeting card and then tap ‘Change design’ just like you do with a postcard. Hope this helps. If you ever want to chat with us, we’re available 24/7 at help@touchnote.com – Conni

  4. I would use (a lot) an ability to create a card and set a date for mailing that card. A simple example is a birthday card, get it done the weekend before but send 2 days before the actual birthday date. (Or whatever lead time is appropriate for the country involved.) My immediate use is for my sister-in-law in an assisted living facility memory unit. She’s still enjoying cards and one a day would be perfect for her current cognitive level. I’d make up, say, a half dozen and schedule them for one a day so she gets one each day but I can do a batch at a time.

    1. Hi Natasha, customisable stamps aren’t available through our website. However I see you’ve been using our app, when you see the back of your postcard, just tap on the stamp to change the picture. Hope this helps, if you have any further questions, our 24 hour support team are available at help@touchnote.com – Conni

      1. Hiya Katja. I’m afraid you can’t customise the stamps on the envelopes of greeting cards. If you ever have any probs or questions, my colleagues in our 24 hour support team are available any time at help@touchnote.com. – Conni

    2. I am on a PC and do not appear to be getting an option to customise the ‘stamp’. It appears as ‘Touchnote’. Clicking on it has no affect. Help please.

      1. Hi Steve. I’m afraid customisable stamps are unavailable through our website. However, you can customise the stamp on postcards to specific countries using our iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please contact our 24hr support team help@touchnote.com and they’ll help you out 🙂 – Conni

    1. Hi Marion. Only the thumbnails are shown and not the full cards, so it shouldn’t be taking up too much memory! You can’t delete cards from your history at present, but we can ‘hide’ them for you. Please contact our 24hr support team help@touchnote.com and let them know which order numbers who would like hidden and we’ll sort it out for you – Conni

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