Print Box FAQs

Our brand new Print Boxes are now available on iPhone and iPad!

Create a Print Box filled with any 12 to 24 photos you like. Or, if you’ve been abroad with your iPhone or iPad, we can automagically pick the 36 best snaps from your trip for you. Quickly edit and order them printed on glossy photo paper, then personalise your Print Box with one of 4 bright patterns šŸŒˆ

If your question isn’t covered below, our support team is here 24 hours a day at

I can’t see one of my trips abroad?
We currently only show trips outside your home country. E.g. if you live in England, the app currently won’t show your recent trip to Devon. If you can’t see one of your international trips, let us know and we’ll look into this.

For my trip box I get an error that I don’t have enough photos. Why?
You need to have at least 18 photos from a trip abroad to order a box. If we canā€™t find at least 18 photos from a trip, we won’t show it.

Why do I only see 36 photos in my automagically created Print Box?
We magically select for you the best 36 photos from your trip. You can easily swap photos and choose which photos we print for you when you tap ‘Select Photos’.

How big are the photos?
The photos are printed as 6″ x 4.5″ size, which means they’re the perfect ratio for iPhone photos. Unlike most iPhone prints, nothing will be cropped!

How many prints the boxes hold?
A create-your-own print box can hold 12-24 pictures. An automagically created trip box can hold 12-36.

Can I customise the box?
Yes! You can pick from one of 9 patterns for your box lid, and change the text for the box label. By default, trip box labels will say the country and the year.

Do you show photos on iCloud?
Yes, we do! Sometimes it may take a bit longer to sync photos from iCloud, if copies are not also stored on your phone.

Can I order a Print Box on Android or
For now, Print Boxes are only available via our iPhone and iPad apps.

How do you know where my photos are from?Ā 
We use the location data stored in the photos you take (also called EXIF data). When you take a photo with your iPhone or iPad, location data is attached to it about whereĀ the photo was taken. When you open the Touchnote app, it checks theĀ snaps on your device, and uses this location info to organise and group your photos into Print Boxes. This only happens when the app is open, and no photos will ever leave yourĀ device during this process.

How areĀ the photos for a trip box automatically selected?
We choose the 36 picturesĀ based on things like whether you’ve edited the photo, how many photos you took on a particular day, whether the photo was part of a burst, amongst other things.

When will my Print Box arrive?
All Print Boxes are printed and posted from the UK. Delivery to addresses in different countries are as follows:
UK – 1-3 working days
Europe – 3-6 working days
Everywhere else – Up to 10 working days


6 thoughts on “Print Box FAQs

    1. Hi Franziska.
      At the moment, this feature is currently unavailable. However, it is coming to the app in the very near future! If you have any further questions, our 24 hour support team is available at – Conni

  1. I don’t generally travel abroad but I do vacation in my own country. Are you planning on allowing print boxes to be done from photos within your own country?

    1. Hi Colette. We’ve had a lot of requests for the ability to create a Print Box with ANY photos you like. I’m happy to announce that we will be bringing this feature to you in the next few weeks! If you have any further questions or suggestions, you can contact us 24/7 at – Conni

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