How to create Touchnote Christmas cards to write at home

With Touchnote, it only takes a few clicks to send cards direct to loved. But sometimes we want to hand deliver or write some cards by hand, so now you can now create your own Christmas card packs to send to yourself to write at home! Each card will come with a fresh, blank envelope at no extra cost.

Just follow these super easy steps on our website or our latest iPhone and iPad app.

1. Create your card

Start by creating your Christmas card as you normally would. Remember: you can customise the front with any photo and template you like or combine our illustrations with your photos on a collage card!

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2. Edit the message

Edit the message you would like printed inside all your cards – or you can erase it entirely!

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3. Pick your address

When you see the address picker, choose your own address at the top where it says ‘Send back to yourself’

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4. Pick how many cards you’d like

Tap the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to increase or decrease the number of cards you’d like to order. Each one will come with a fresh, blank envelope at no extra cost. Then tap ‘Done’ and pay for your cards!

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5. That’s it!

You’re done 😁  Now you can handwrite your personalised cards from home.

If you ever have any questions or problems. Our 24-hour support team are available any time at


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