8 ways to make someone smile with a postcard

8 ways to make someone smile with a postcard

There are countless ways to brighten someone’s day with a postcard. So many, in fact, that over 8 million Touchnote postcards have now been sent worldwide.

Take a look at these 8 Touchnote postcards by our card-senders. From thank-yous, to baby updates, to a note just to say ‘hi’, there are lots of reasons to make someone smile with your photos.

1. Thank you notes

One of the top reasons why people send Touchnote postcards is because they’re perfect for quick, personalised thank-yous.

Annabel wanted to say thanks to a close family friend for sending her little bundle of joy these snazzy trousers 🎁

Even though she’s got her hands full with her new baby boy, Annabel found she could easily send out cards with Touchnote, even whilst feeding. Like lots of new mums who use Touchnote, Annabel was pleased with how much more personal her cards are than generic, store bought cards.

2. Invitations and announcements

Touchnote makes it easy to copy cards, or send one card to multiple addresses. That makes postcards ideal for invites, save-the-dates, moving announcements, and more!

Ben and Florence used Touchnote to send out save-the-dates for their upcoming party, to celebrate tying the knot 🍾

Florence uses Touchnote all the time when she travels, and for her Christmas and Birthday cards too, but asked her friend Emily to create this trendy, unique picture just for her postcard invites.

3. Just “because”

Who doesn’t love a nice surprise in the post? A little something unexpected amongst all the dreaded bills.

Some of the best postcards are sent for no particular reason at all, other than just “because.”

Dale took a trip to Scotland last year with some friends. When looking back through old photos recently, he realised there were some great ones he’d forgotten about ⛰  So he decided to send one over to his friend Ed, who hadn’t seen him in a while. He knew he’s enjoy the photo, and already had Ed’s address in his Touchnote account, so sending it took under a minute!

4. Thinking of you

Nothing says ‘I care about you’ more than a personal, unique note to that special person. Tell besties that you miss them or let your great auntie know you’re thinking of her after she got that new hip.

Dave sent this card to his girlfriend to let her know he thinks the world of her. Being a “Facebook official” couple is one thing, but you know it’s real love when you get a surprise postcard telling you! 😍

5. A postcard to a kid

Kids rarely receive any real post, and so they often love it when they do!

Heather sends her little one a card every couple of weeks, and is using each one to put together a memory book of all his milestones and happy memories 👶 👦

This particular postcard was from Joseph’s first swimming lesson this term. Heather has also sent cards to his grandparents as a surprise, and as thank yous to her friends and family.

6. Special memories

We share so many photos from weddings, holidays and nights out on social media, but only the ones that get printed last for years to come.

Emily sent this postcard to the cheery group on the front of the card, a local Air Cadet Squadron that her new husband volunteers with. These super snaps were taken at her wedding and she thought they’d really enjoy them. It also gave her the opportunity to thank them for their kind gift.

Like most of us, Emily is a bit of a forgetful soul and so Touchnote also helps her to create cards quickly and last minute. Plus, because she has a brother out in Japan, she can send him a card at no extra cost.

7. Baby updates

They grow up so fast, and there are so many milestones to keep up with! Luckily, it’s quick and easy to keep relatives up to date with all that growing they’re doing, as postcards are perfect for baby updates. The hardest part is picking a photo from the many overflowing from your smartphone!

Ilana has been sending updates about baby Gabe to his great grandmother. They don’t get to see her as often as they’d like, so postcards help her to stay up to date with what’s happening in their lives, and to see how much Gabe is growing.

8. Send one to yourself

Okay, so it might sound a little silly at first, sending yourself mail. But it’s nice to have your favourite photos printed, ready to adorn your home. Sometimes you want to only print one, and as Touchnote is quick and easy, this is a very popular way that people use their credits!

Emily took these photos of her furry friends on her phone. She loved them so much that she decided to use Touchnote to get them printed. Now she can pop them up on her notice board to admire whenever she likes.

As she’s used Touchnote to send all sorts of cards to her family, friends and husband, she knew the quality was great, and that her snaps would look amazing on a postcard.


A big thanks to our users for letting us share their cards with you ☺️

What’s your favourite reason to send a Touchnote postcard? Is it on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Or click here to send a postcard now and make someone’s day with your photos.


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  • I resolved every year to write more often to my 87 year old mom who doesn’t email yet and lives in NY. We live in Portland Or. I am so happy that I finally get to send her a card every week as easily as sending an email. I can see her walking out to her mailbox and enjoying the surprise of a picture of her great grandchildrens’ first day of school or a glimpse of my garden. Good intentions don’t warm the heart unless you follow through all the way and in this hyper busy world I really am so grateful to be able to give her that joy so easily and beautifully.

  • My 99 year old Mother’s hearing is failing and it can be difficult to phone her when I am away from home. Touchnote makes it easy, wherever I am, to send a ‘newsy’ postcard in the knowledge that she will receive it promptly .

  • My Mum has Alzheimer’s and is in a care home. I visit her about every 5 to 6 weeks (I live 200miles from her) but in between visits I send her cards to remind her who I am and that she is loved

  • I send my sons at boarding school pictures of their little brother when he does something funny! We used to live abroad and it was such a clever and quick way of using the UK postal service to send things.

  • It’s just amazing to be able to keep everyone up to date with memories of shared times at the touch of a few buttons. Just fantastic to send from anywhere with a wifi signal. I’ve sent cards if glorious sunsets taken at anchor in the middle of a river. Thank you Touchnote for brightening lives.

  • The last card I sent was to my grandaughter, so sad because my son, her Daddy died 6 weeks ago age 42. The card was of her with him when she was born, so, so sad but will be a precious reminder to her as she gets older.

  • I have just moved and made lovely postcard of photos of my new house , everyone who received one has phone me to comment on them and now have the app too!!!

    • My condolences – as a Chaplain I use Touchnote to make a sympathy card after a family has had a loss , or I will send a postcard showing a church where I have lit a candle in memory of their loved one – the personal touch is appreciated. God bless.

  • I have just moved and made lovely postcard of photos of my new house , everyone who received one has phone me to comment on them and now have the app too!!!

  • My 84 year old Aunt lives almost 6,000 miles away. She doesn’t use the Internet, but she loves letters. These are quick, convenient and so easy to send to her; with the added bonus of photos. (She tells me the postman likes them too)

  • Love to be able to send postcards of my kids to either my family and friends in BC and AB or to myself (yes I like to send them to myself for keepsakes), the postcards are high quality. I send postcards whenever I remember… Which isn’t as often as I would like… Lol

  • I’ve been sending postcards from touchnote for well over a year, especially to my mum. She lives alone now since my Dad passed away, so little reminders that she is still part of our lives mean a lot. I didn’t realise until last week, she has kept each one in a little photo album.

  • My sister-in-law lives in Hong Kong and so doesn’t get to see her new nephew very much- so every month I send her a postcard with pictures of what my son has been getting up to. It keeps her in the loop & makes her feel not so far away from home & loved-ones.

  • It’s a magical that I send to my friends/three grown up kids 150 miles away, made a smile with gleaming on their faces even had text back that all loved the postcard x

  • Always use touchnote as it means relatives and friends get a prompt and personal post card of what we are doing and where we really are on our holidays.

  • I am happy to have learned that touch note will even fabricate and send post cards to the correctional facilities because even though my boyfriend is incarcerated, he enjoys the simple pleasures of an occasional “touch note” with additional photos to remind him that I still care…
    Thank You Touch Note for providing this option! Wish I’d known of this website when my son was touring overseas in Kuwait, and Japan with his platoon! But I’ll be sending more cards from now on.


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